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        Essential Functions of Deputy Sheriff

      Operate police cruiser to patrol assigned geographical area.

      Monitor and observe vehicular traffic, detect vehicles which are exceeding the speed limit or otherwise being driven in a dangerous or unlawful manner, stop vehicle and investigate circumstances, and issue traffic citations as warranted.

      Respond to reports of traffic accidents, administer first-aid to injured persons and call for emergency medical assistance. Control and direct vehicular traffic and citizens at crime scene, conduct interviews with involved drivers and witnesses to obtain relevant facts and information, and gather material evidence from accident scenes.

      Observe business and residential properties for possible criminal activity; including checking buildings for unauthorized entry, searching structures and property for intruders, and investigating suspicious persons and events.

      Respond to reports of robberies, thefts, burglaries, homicides, etc. Administer first-aid to injured persons and call for emergency medical assistance, secure the crime scene, control and direct citizens at the scene, conduct interviews with complainants, victims, witnesses, and suspects to obtain relevant facts and information, and gather material evidence from the scene of the event.

      Respond to reports of public and domestic disturbances, calm overly excited or agitated persons; including physically restraining unruly individuals. Conduct interviews with complainants and witnesses, obtain relevant facts and information, and mediate and resolve complaints and disputes.

      Make arrests, including subduing individuals with appropriate action and force as necessary, placing individuals into handcuffs or other restraining devices, searching vehicles and persons under arrest for weapons and contraband, and transporting arrested individuals to detention facility.

      Direct and control inmates to ensure appropriate behavior when being transported outside the jail facility, in court holding cells, on work assignments, or in clinic or hospital jail wards.

      Assemble supporting documentation and prepare narrative reports, memorandums, and notes of accidents, incidents, and offenses, and maintain and update manual records, logs, and periodic activity reports.

      Maintain inventories of equipment, materials, and supplies required to support daily operations.

      Perform follow up investigations on reports of accidents and incidents; including verifying personal information and criminal histories, researching other sources to confirm details, determining value and reliability of physical evidence, and identifying, investigating, and resolving inconsistencies in statements or information obtained during initial investigations.

      Enforce court orders; including serving summons, subpoenas, and restraining orders, and executing search and arrest warrants. 

      Provides sworn testimony in court proceedings.

      Operate computer terminal to retrieve information and data from central files or outside agency files and systems.

       Research manual and computer records to obtain information concerning policies, procedures, regulations, warrants, incident reports, state statutes, arrest reports, court dockets, etc.

      Respond to miscellaneous citizen inquiries and requests; such as giving directions, assisting with disabled vehicles, and providing clarification of routine legal requirements.

      Attend in-service training classes.