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1.     Ability to read and comprehend printed materials; such as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPís).

2.     Ability to read and comprehend computer screen information, and input information and data when preparing offense reports and booking individuals.

3.     Ability to prepare hand-written activity logs, and narrative incident and offense reports in a legible and grammatically acceptable manner to permit comprehension by the receiving party.

4.     Ability to understand and exchange information with supervisors and coworkers when receiving assignments, instructions, and shift change information, and while performing assigned duties and tasks.

5.     Ability to understand and exchange information with vehicle operators, complainants, victims, event witnesses, and members of the general public; including judges, attorneys, etc.

6.     Ability to provide verbal direction to excited and agitated individuals, individuals under arrest in a manner to effect compliance and conformance to directives. 

7.     Ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide when using formulas to calculate speed of vehicles involved in accidents.

8.     Ability to read small print when referring to Key Maps to locate addresses of crimes and disturbances,

9.     Ability to read digital display when operating radar equipment

10.     Ability to read tape measure when measuring objects and reference points at crime scenes, and skid marks and reference points at accident scenes.

11.     Ability to detect potentially dangerous behaviors or activities when confronting traffic violators, criminal suspects, and participants in disturbances.

12.     Ability to discern and perceive shapes, objects, and other details when observing buildings and properties, and to detect movement or other suspicious circumstances and activities.

13.      Ability to identify colors when performing searches for individuals based on color of clothing, searches for vehicles based on descriptive color, preparing personal descriptions requiring entry of color of eyes, etc.

14.     Visual acuity must be correctable to 20/20 for both eyes.

15.      Ability to hear and understand information received over the telephone and radio.

16.      Ability to climb ladders and stairs while wearing a duty belt and protective vest weighing approximately 18 pounds when investigating possible criminal activities in buildings.

17.     Ability to work in a standing position for extended periods of time.

18.     Ability to bend, stoop, and twist frequently when entering and exiting patrol vehicle, when investigating accidents and crime scenes, and searching vehicles for contraband.

19.     Finger dexterity, and hand and arm steadiness when firing weapon, when operating hand held radar gun and when operating computer keyboard.

20.    Eye, hand, and arm coordination when fingerprinting individuals.

21.     Eye, ear, and finger coordination when firing weapon and when operating radar gun.

I have been given a copy of this job description.  I have read and understand the job duties and responsibilities.  I am able to perform the duties and fulfill the responsibilities as described for this position, in this job summary. 



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