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Roosevelt County Sheriff's Office

109 Airport Road

Portales, New Mexico 88130

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Roosevelt County Sheriff's Office

Darren Hooker, Sheriff

109 Airport Road ~ Portales, New Mexico   88130

Phone 505-356-4408 ~ Fax 505-356-6471

To the citizens of Roosevelt County,

Wow, four years goes by fast. I have recently been re-elected and I will be the Sheriff for four more years. What a great blessing it has been to be the Sheriff of such a wonderful office and a great county. I have truly enjoyed every minute of it.

During the past year the Sheriff’s Office has gone through many changes and difficult times. In April of this year we lost Capt. Richard Short. The hole that has been left in our team is so very deep.  Rick was a big part of the foundation of this Office. He cannot be replaced and he is missed daily.

In May, we moved into the recently vacated National Guard Armory. This building has provided us with so many new opportunities for growth. We have partnered with Roosevelt General Hospital to provide an alternate surge site and with Emergency Management to use the building as a natural disaster shelter site. The New Mexico Game and Fish area game warden has an office within the building also. We are also renting out the gymnasium for company parties, receptions etc.

As I look forward to the next four years, I want to restate my pledge to be “A Sheriff for the People”. I have tried very hard to remain accessible to anyone who needed me. I want to continue to do that and continue to provide the high level of leadership to this Office. In doing so, I also want everyone to know that Chief Deputy Malin Parker will be running for Sheriff at the completion of this term. With Malin as the Sheriff, this Office will continue to provide the expected level of support to the citizens of this County.

In closing, I again thank you all for giving me the opportunity to serve you as Sheriff for four more years.  I would not have had this success had it not been for the hard work and professional attitude of all our employees. We are a team here at the Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office and I am just part of that team.

Thank you,

Darren Hooker